Welcome to Voodoo Forge

Voodoo Forge is located in the rolling hills of Smith County, Tennessee.  We take pride in our hand-crafted, unique items that can last a lifetime, all the while using traditional forging techniques passed down through the generations.

Stock is purchased locally; and when possible, material is repurposed to give you a one-of-a-kind product that you can proudly say is made in the United States.

For more information, call us at 615-428-8655

What We Do

Steel and Iron

Every project in the shop starts with the material. When ever possible we use reclaimed material, like reforging an old tool to give it a new life or turning “scrap” gas cylinders into unique bells. We also use new stock and special steels for other jobs, lets say you need 20 similar hooks, well that is a job for new stock! We match the material to the job sometimes combining iron, steel and reclaimed material, whatever it takes to get it right for our customer!

Forge Work

We start with a hammer and a forge! While we don’t shy away form modern techniques what helps make Voo Doo forge different is the fact that we forge our products! if you order a gate with 300 steel leaves on it we don’t order them from a foundry south of the border and weld them together like some sort of mass produced jig saw puzzle. We forge them, each one will be hammered out by hand, making each one unique. Some people want a one of kind hand made item, those are the people we cater to! Our ability to forge opens all kinds of opportunities to make any item our of steel flow with the natural lines and contrast that can only be achieved by hand and not the cold touch of a 3d printer.

Modern Techniques

We do modern fabrication work as well! By combining hand forged elements with modern welding techniques we can offer one of a kind artistic pieces at a fraction of the cost of similar pieces. And sometimes simplicity is what someone is looking for. A uncomplicated table with clean lines can really tie a room together sometimes.

Concept & Design

Our designs come from my imagination or yours. We will sit down with you and go over what is possible to get to the center of your vision. Most people come to us because they have been to a box store they have done their research and have decided that they will not be represented by mass produced junk! Most people have a image in their head of what they want, we can make that image a reality! By using the aforementioned techniques we are in a optimum position to make your dream project happen

Production Work

Not everyday is a large artistic project. There are lots of things that can only be forged! We spend a lot of time making items for retail stores and vendors that carry quality items. These items vary from toasting forks to bottle openers. If quantity is what you need we can do that as well!

Repair and Reproduction

Our combined talents make it possible for us to repair or reproduce many, many items. Lets say you have your great grand parents fire place tools and the forge welds are popping, we can fix that! Or you found a latch at an estate sale and need 5 more of them, we can do that!

Garden and Homesteading

When I am not in the shop I enjoy working in my garden and with our chickens and rabbits. From this I have come up with several over built items that I can offer to the public! Want a tomato cage that can survive a bomb? I got it! How about an all steel chicken tractor? I got it! Rabbit hutch that can stop a tank? Look no further!

Mission and Goals

Our mission is for every item that leaves the shop to be built like it is for my mother with my father doing quality control. In other words perfect. We will not send out an item that we wouldn’t be proud to own ourselves. So give us a shout, and we can help bring your next project to life!

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To learn more, call us at 615-428-8655 or email us below.

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